‘Lire fait grandir’ is a French phrase that translates to: Reading makes you grow.


Reading teaches children about the world around them;

Reading improves vocabulary and language skills;

Reading develops a child’s imagination;


With the above in mind Congo Ensemble’s current project involves the procurement of hundreds of books for children, to be delivered to a selected school in Kinshasa. Along with these books we will also deliver a book shelf, effectively installing a library.  The selected school will be in a non-affluent area of Kinshasa as we intend for the project to have the maximum possible impact on the affected community.


After considering many options we have selected École Kamina in commune de Kalamu, Kinshasa.
We plan to deliver 300 books and are currently raising funds towards achieving this objective.


To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark. —Victor Hugo


Table: Lire Fait Grandir Project

 *Total Budget ZAR 80 000,00
Money raised as at 10th January ZAR 35 000,00
Money to be raised as at 10th January  ZAR  45 000,00
Target date to close fundraising  28 February
Project Launch March 2018
Project Status Fundraising ongoing
Area of focus Education
Goals Stimulate a passion for reading from an early age

 Any funds received in excess of ZAR 80,000 will be allocated to Congo Ensemble’s next project in the same area of focus.

For more information on the project Lire fait grandir contact

College Elikya Project

It is our vision that education can empower and uplift the people of the DRC. 

Congo Ensemble's first project was completed in November 2017. We raised funds and were able to reward the top 2 students for the diplôme d'état (year 2016-2017) at College Elikya, a Catholic school at the centre of Kinshasa. Founded in 1917, it is one of the oldest public schools in the city, receiving pupils from all socio-economic strata of Kinshasa's population. The diplôme d'état is the final national exam written by Congolese pupils in the last year of high school.

We believe that such initiatives will motivate Congolese youth to strive for excellence.

Table: College Elikya Project

 *Total Budget ZAR 20 000,00
Money raised as at 11th October ZAR 20 000,00
Money to be raised as at 11th October  ZAR  0,00
Project Status  Funded (11th October)
Date of Project Completion 6th November 2017
Area of focus Education
Goals Acknowledge merits and encourage excellence



An investment in knowledge pays the best interest... Benjamin Franklyn.